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What is Sylvera?

September 14, 2023
Sylvera, carbon credit ratings platform

What is Sylvera?

Sylvera is the leading carbon data company in the market. We enable organizations and governments to invest in real climate action and get on track to net zero.

Companies with net zero targets rely on Sylvera’s carbon data and analytics to ensure that the carbon investments they make are legitimate and impactful. Our team leverages proprietary data, machine learning (ML) technology, and deep industry expertise to produce the most comprehensive and accessible insights into the carbon markets. We deliver independent, in-depth and up-to-date project reports and market intelligence through our online platform and API.

What are we building? Carbon data for the net zero transition

Net Zero requires the greatest economic transformation modern society has undertaken. It will take an estimated capital investment - from both the public and private sectors - of $3.5 trillion annually over the next 30 years into the technology and infrastructure required to deliver a zero-carbon economy.

All organizations need to rapidly adopt science-based net zero strategies, follow the mitigation hierarchy and reduce their emissions. However, the reality is that many will not be able to fully decarbonize, because the technology doesn’t exist yet. This leaves a profound gap in net zero transition plans. This is where carbon markets come in—the “net” in net zero.

Today, proactive organizations are developing fully integrated net zero plans, which include investing in high-quality credits for emissions they cannot cut and exist beyond their value chain. They will be primed to take full advantage of the net zero transition, while those that defer will experience a costly shock.

Sylvera sees the tremendous opportunity in getting the net zero transition right. That’s why our mission is to incentivize investment in real climate action. With our suite of data and tools about the carbon markets and organizational net zero journeys, businesses and governments can confidently invest in, benchmark, deliver, and report real climate impact.

What are the benefits of the Sylvera platform?

  • Navigate Complexity: We help new and experienced market participants understand quality, risk and value in an opaque market. We also help you keep track of evolving policy & regulation developments.
  • Manage Risk: Customers rely on Sylvera data and assessments to shore up their due diligence, develop diversified carbon credit strategies, and invest in the credits and companies making a real impact.
  • Expand Investment: New technology and policies are changing the shape of carbon markets. Sylvera helps you stay ahead of emerging opportunities like jurisdictional REDD+ and pre-issuance investments.

How can Sylvera support your organization?

  • Corporate Sustainability Teams: Improve your due diligence and ensure you deliver your climate commitments with high-quality credits
  • Banks, Asset Managers and Insurers: Use insights to build risk guardrails for market participation and inform portfolio investment strategy.
  • Hard-to-Abate Industries: Discover and assess investment opportunities, and quickly identify buyers for credits in your portfolio.
  • Professional Services, Marketplaces, Trading Houses: Demonstrate credibility, offer best-in-class climate services to win business, and integrate Sylvera as a quality indicator for your brokerage service.

The Sylvera Carbon Rating System Explained

The Sylvera Carbon Credit Rating is based on a deep and holistic analysis of a project's carbon accounting, additionality, and permanence. It also takes into account the co-benefits the project brings to local communities and the environment. Our ratings assess the likelihood that the credits issued by a carbon project have delivered on their claims of avoiding or removing one metric ton of carbon dioxide (tCO2) or other greenhouse gases (GHGs).

What sets us apart? Transparency & rigor

The real strength of our carbon credit ratings lies in our bottom-up, project-type-specific frameworks. We develop specific frameworks for each project category because it is the only way to accurately assess quality across fundamentally different categories of activities.

All frameworks are peer-reviewed by a committee of experts and carbon market stakeholders – including project developers & registries – to ensure scientific consensus. We publish our frameworks so buyers understand exactly what we test and how we do it.

Sylvera offers unrivaled depth in carbon data analysis, project assessments, and policy & market insights. Our team leverages proprietary data, machine learning (ML) technology, and deep industry expertise to produce the most comprehensive and accessible insights into the carbon markets.

Learn more about our suite of tools for real climate impact.

How do we deliver the most accurate ratings in the market?

  • Project-Type-Specific Frameworks: We believe one-size-fits all frameworks produce unreliable results. That’s why we build meticulous frameworks for every project category to accurately test project design, carbon accounting, and climate impact claims.
  • Comprehensive Data Extraction & Project Modeling: We extract, clean, and organize data from project design documentation (PDD) and every monitoring report. We meticulously build carbon, strength of baseline and financial additionality models from the ground up.
  • Independent Data Validation: Our expert analysts leverage advanced machine learning (ML) technology, verified, independent data, and proprietary field data to test the accuracy of credit issuances and claims.

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Allister is a repeat entrepreneur with a PhD in Machine Learning and an MBA from London Business School. As well as 10 years developing technology in the renewables industry, he has built and operated business units in Asia, Continental Europe and the UK.