Why doesn’t Sylvera sell offsets?

For the same reason that when you buy a used car, you don’t trust the seller to provide a mechanical health check. We believe that carbon markets need an independent data verifier, free from potential conflicts of interest, only focusing on validation.

How is Sylvera different to other verification methods?

Previous monitoring methods rely on manually taking samples of forestry areas, then extrapolating findings across entire projects. Typically this process is undertaken every 3-5 years. Sylvera applies the latest in AI and machine learning to geospatial data, providing regular and accurate information over your offsets.

Why isn’t Sylvera free?

We believe in market based solutions to solve the climate crisis. If you’re a non-for-profit wanting to use our service for a discounted rate, please get in touch.

How does it work?

Sylvera's main product is a web application. Once signed up, you can access a dashboard display housing key information about any type of offsets you may want to buy, or those you already own. For AFOLU offsets, our system applies AI and machine learning to satellite imagery, offering a regular and reliable picture of offsets. We also offer an API for institutional users or those that want to integrate our data in their own products.

What data do you provide?

Sylvera provides data on nature based carbon projects. Specifically, how much carbon they are storing (real-world carbon performance rating), risk levels (permanence, additionality and leakage) and co-benefits. If you’re interested in accessing other data points, we’d love to hear from you.

Can I access your API?

Sylvera is currently offering a select group of distribution partners early access to its capabilities via an API. Reach out to find out more.