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With access to a live database of 20K+ projects and 2k+ pre-issuance projects, including off-registry projects, coupled with up-to-date data insights backed by the largest pool of suppliers in the VCM, we give you the confidence you need to set your carbon credit strategy.

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Ensure you're investing in real climate impact, mitigate risk and increase the effectiveness of your long-term carbon credit strategy outcomes with our screenings feature, detailed Early Stage project assessment and trusted Ratings.

Discover our due diligence insights


Keep track of your project investments quality with the latest ongoing assurance for early-stage projects, live notifications & rating updates together with jurisdictional insight anda centralized hub with market headlines, expert commentary & Sylvera analysis.

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Introducing our Pre-Issuance Project Solution

Leveraging Data for Early-Stage Carbon Credit Projects

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The highest rigor & integrity

No internal conflicts:

We maintain separations between our commercial and ratings function, with our entire governance framework designed to ensure that our ratings function has no incentive to produce a certain Rating and are the only ratings agency to have a Ratings Oversight Committee monitoring the integrity of our ratings

No trading or developing carbon projects:

We abstain from transaction benefits to maintain integrity and independence. With proper guardrails, we ensure our ratings, data and insights are always independent and free from external influence, no matter who we are helping and how.

No privileged rating access:

We release new ratings to all customers at the same time.

No results-based payments:

We have never charged a results-based payment and always seek to ensure that our commercial arrangements with a customer do not create an incentive for us to rate a project(s) a certain way.

Why Sylvera?

Sylvera is the only end-to-end carbon data platform for carbon procurement and investment

Unparalleled expertise

Sylvera has a global team of the experts and academics across ratings, machine learning, earth observation, engineering, and carbon policy.
We develop best-in-class technology and software to measure carbon and produce ratings and insights.
We produce and own all of our geospatial data. Uniquely, we calibrate our proprietary geospatial data with state-of-the-art field sampling.
Because of our scientific standard of data collection we are able to lead engagement with global standards setters, regulators, and governments to help shape industry standards and policies.

Superior Data Insights & Visibility

Unmatched Project Visibility:

We offer live visibility of a greater number of projects compared to any other rating agency, ensuring unparalleled access to project data for informed decision-making.
Market leading coverage:

Our market insights are always up-to-date and backed by the largest pool of suppliers in the VCM, giving you a competitive edge with the most comprehensive and timely information available.
Deep Definitive Due Diligence:

Mitigate risk and increase the effectiveness of your long-term carbon credit strategy outcomes leveraging our ratings database.

Efficient Execution

Procurement Efficiency for Cost Savings:

Compare the best prices helps achieve procurement savings, by optimizing your budget effectively.
Streamlining Operations:

Responsive screenings reduce internal spending, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.

Keep track of your project investments quality, to ensure favorable returns over time.