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Clarity for the carbon markets

You need clarity to make better offset decisions, confidence to take action, and certainty that your choices are driving positive climate impact. We deliver it.

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The carbon offset markets need robust, independent data to scale

Every day large corporates make new Net Zero commitments. But poor data create uncertainty and drive inaction. Sylvera solves this through our market-leading carbon intelligence platform and API.

Actionable data rooted in expertise

Our cutting edge technology brings clarity to the performance and quality of carbon offset projects all around the world.
Institutional rigour
Our research partners are globally recognised experts from the world’s most established institutions who continually test, validate, and refine our models.
We are data providers, not brokers. This independence ensures our data is free from conflicts and built for teratonne impact. 

Project diligence
at scale

Complex standards and documentation makes consistent project design and assessment hard. Our tools allow you to build and evaluate projects at scale and at pace.

Buyers: Quickly and consistently assess up-to-date data on project performance and quality.

Intermediaries: Secure independent, frequent project assessments to support your client’s goals with confidence.

Sponsors: Design, develop, and launch higher quality projects with greater confidence and speed.

Simple, robust project monitoring

The market is demanding greater scrutiny on project performance and quality.

This requires high-frequency updates that are not met elsewhere.

Sylvera combines up-to-date, satellite-driven data with a deep layer of analytics to satisfy this growing need.

Unrivalled price transparency

There is little price visibility in the broker-led carbon offset market.

This makes it even harder to know if you are making the right decisions.

We provide timely pricing data from multiple different sources to boost transparency and maximise impact.

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Clarity. Confidence. Certainty.

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