Carbon intelligence. Cultivated.

Excellent decisions need excellent data. With unparalleled insights into carbon markets and the carbon impact of land use, our carbon offset ratings and tools allow you to discover new opportunities and manage risk.

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A new perspective. Powered by advanced technology.

We provide independent, robust and regular quantitative and qualitative data on offset projects. Access via our web application or integrate into your own products with our API. 

Why intelligent offsetting?

Keep up with nature
Nature-based offsets are constantly changing. Our solutions detect and flag on the ground changes, so you can offset with confidence.
A revolution in carbon-stock evaluation
Our cutting-edge research program is pioneering new methods of monitoring carbon stocks. Monitor your real-time impact with easy carbon levels quantification. 
Know the score  
Our SylveraScore scorecard provides more than verification. Evaluate any offset project for its design, co-benefits and risk.

Carbon markets

Sylvera combines its proprietary data with in-depth knowledge of best practice in project design, to provide uniquely data-driven insights into offset project quality.

For nature-based projects, Sylvera’s technology allows us to detect, and flag, any changes in nature-based projects as and when they happen.

Receive live data on the integrity of an offset. Be sure. Act smarter.

The tools you need

Independent, data-driven audit, carbon offset ratings, and pricing data across the market is available through our web application.

Manage and report on your offsets with integrated portfolio management.

For volume or time sensitive use, integrate our data into your application, activities or products using our API.

Land use

Sylvera collaborates with leading academics in its cutting-edge research programme dedicated to pushing forward the state of the art in satellite carbon stock evaluation.

Sylvera’s tools provide regular, accurate and affordable intelligence on the amount of carbon stored in land.

Make decisions on the basis of accurate data and communicate to the market with real evidence.

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