Discover high quality carbon offsets
Our independent and in-depth carbon ratings enable you to invest in high quality offsets and deliver on your net zero commitments.
Our Customers and Partners
Our Customers and Partners
We provide independent and unbiased ratings you can trust
Corporate sustainability leaders, traders and exchanges around the world rely on Sylvera’s carbon ratings and market intelligence to achieve their climate goals.
We don’t sell carbon credits.
We are not paid by developers to rate projects.
Pick the best carbon offsets with the most accurate ratings and actionable insights available. This means you won’t waste money on bad investments and put your reputation at risk as a result.
Get a view of the whole market. Compare quality & price to find the highest rated credits for the best value. You choose how to buy credits – direct to a project developer or via broker or exchange.
Save time & money on due diligence. Move quickly with a lean team. Our experts spend an average of 60 hours collecting, analyzing and distilling data for every project, so you don’t have to.
Our Edge
The Sylvera difference
We don't sell carbon credits. We never have. We also aren’t paid by developers to rate projects.

From the very start, we aimed to avoid conflicts of interest to ensure our ratings are unbiased and reliable.
Unparalleled depth & accuracy
We build robust and bespoke ratings frameworks and production systems for each project type.

We ensure consistency across frameworks and reporting, so you can easily compare value across the whole market.

Our ratings are not generated by algorithms alone, but by a team of experts analyzing a variety of quantitative and qualitative data, who then distill it into detailed reports.
Technical & scientific expertise
We have a large and growing team of experts who hold advanced degrees, working across our Multi-Scale Lidar, Geographic Information System (GIS), Ratings and Machine Learning disciplines.
We don't sell carbon credits, and we aren’t paid by developers to rate carbon projects.

This means we avoid conflicts of interest, and you can trust that our ratings and reports are unbiased.
2022 Carbon Credit Crunch Report
Soaring prices, increasing carbon liability, the advent of "crypto carbon" -- What does 2022 hold for voluntary carbon markets (VCMs)? ‍ Download our latest proprietary research report to find out.
Backed by renowned investors
Backed by renowned investors
Building confidence in carbon markets
With Sylvera’s carbon intelligence, your Net Zero transition, carbon neutrality and offsetting claims won’t be at risk. Contact us to learn more about our platform.
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