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Introducing carbon credit pricing: now you can compare quality and price in one view

April 14, 2022
Sylvera's carbon credit pricing feature lets you compare carbon credit quality and prices

Currently, there’s little correlation between carbon credit quality and carbon credit price in voluntary carbon markets (VCMs). There are also large variations in carbon credit prices. 

Buyers and traders of carbon credits can, with relative ease, access carbon credit prices. However, they don’t have access to information about the quality of carbon credits they’re buying. Therefore, there’s no way to know the real value of their purchases. This means, they typically don’t know whether they’re helping to drive capital toward high-quality carbon projects.

We designed Sylvera ratings to give market participants insight into carbon credit quality. 

Through our partnership with Xpansiv CBL — the world’s largest carbon credit exchange — our carbon intelligence platform now conveniently shows carbon credit quality side-by-side with prices.

Pricing feature to help you choose the best carbon credits

In the past, corporate sustainability leaders and carbon traders would need to review Sylvera carbon credit ratings and carbon credit pricing data in different applications, making the comparison of carbon credit quality and price more challenging and time-consuming. By integrating pricing data into our carbon intelligence platform, we’ve allowed customers to compare Sylvera ratings and pricing, in one single view. Customers can also filter carbon projects by criteria that’s most relevant to them, sort carbon projects by price and see vintage-level pricing.

1. Visually compare quality and price 

Our visualization of carbon credit quality versus price shows the Sylvera carbon credit rating and its respective price reference. Before this tool, there was no intuitive, easy-to-use graphical representation comparing carbon credit quality and price available on the market. This feature makes it easy to identify potentially overvalued or undervalued credits. 

Our visualization of carbon credit quality versus price

2. Filter by carbon project type, Sylvera rating scores and country 

Within the visualization, you can filter by country and by Sylvera rating component (i.e. by carbon, additionality and permanence scores). You can also filter by our co-benefits score.

Filter by carbon project type, Sylvera rating scores and country 

3. Sort by price 

Our pricing list feature allows our customers to sort projects by the last transacted price of the latest vintage of the carbon credit.

4. See vintage-level prices 

The year a carbon credit is issued, known as its “vintage”, can be important to carbon buyers and traders. Newer vintages might be related to updated project activities and might be required by certain climate commitments. As a result, carbon credit prices can vary significantly by vintage. Therefore, it’s helpful to be able to see the prices of specific carbon credit vintages.

See vintage-level pricing

Our pricing data partner: Xpansiv CBL

All carbon credit pricing data is provided by our partner, Xpansiv CBL. Xpansiv is a global marketplace for Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) commodities and CBL is an Xpansiv’s marketplace for energy and environmental commodities, including carbon. We only include Xpanisv CBL carbon credit pricing data from 2019 onward in our platform.

Importantly, we do not sell carbon credits. We remain fully independent to avoid any conflicts of interest, so that we can be fully objective in our assessment of the quality of carbon credits. This independence also means that our customers are free to pick how and where they buy their carbon credits. 

Book a demo

Want to get insight into the true value of the carbon credits that are already part of your portfolio or that you’re planning to buy, sell or trade? Book a demo of our carbon intelligence platform here and see our carbon credit pricing feature in action.

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