Our mission

The Paris Agreement set a target of keeping global temperatures within a 1.5 degree rise.

But right now, we’re on track for a 3.2 degree rise.

Land use has an important role to play. Currently, global land use is a huge net emitter of CO2, responsible for 23% of global emissions. But with the right approach, land can be a net carbon sink, with the potential to remove 20-years of CO2 at 2018 levels.

This buys the world vital time to deliver the technological breakthroughs needed to deliver complete decarbonisation.

But to realise this potential, carbon markets must scale. And markets need data to do so.

We exist to provide this data. So carbon markets rapidly scale. And land becomes a net sink not a net emitter of carbon.


What data and services do you offer?

Sylvera provides data on nature-based offset projects. This covers data such as the raw carbon performance, additionality, permanence, co-benefits, and risk. We score projects according to our proprietary rating system, giving customers the ability to assess projects prior to making a purchase, monitor their performance over time, and develop projects at scale and at pace.

Does Sylvera sell offsets?

No. We think that in order for the carbon offset market to scale the market needs an independent data verifier, free from conflicts of interest. Many of the challenges of the current market arise from an inherent conflict of interests in the broker-led model - where there is a disincentive to provide transparent, up-to-date information on underlying project performance and quality. By choosing to never sell offsets, we ensure our data is free from conflict, delivers clarity, and enables action.

How is Sylvera different to other verification methods?

We leverage the latest technology to deliver comprehensive and high frequency data on project performance. Previous monitoring methods rely on manual assessment of small sample areas within a project, then extrapolating findings across entire projects. By contrast, we gather geospatial data from across the entire project to assess performance with greater confidence. Previous monitoring is undertaken every 3-5 years. By contrast, we can absorb data as frequently as satellites pass over a project site.

How do I access Sylvera’s data?

We offer two core services - a web platform, and an API. Our web platform presents project performance and quality ratings, covering the raw carbon performance, additionality, permanence, co-benefits, and risk. Our platform visualises this data over time, and presents interactive map-based tools to enable granular data interrogation. Our API serves this data for presentation and / or analysis on other platforms.

What is your business model?

Our web platform is available as a subscription, and our API is priced according to the underlying business need.

Can I see your product?

Yes - please click the Learn more button above and we’ll be in touch to walk you through our platform.