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From Insight to Action: Leveraging Data for Early-Stage Carbon Credit Projects

June 4, 2024

The global carbon market is undergoing rapid transformation, with increasing demand for carbon credits driven by the urgent need to mitigate climate change. As we approach 2030, the anticipated annual demand for carbon credits is projected to reach between 1.37 - 1.6 billion credits annually. ​​In order to meet this significant growth in demand, the supply of high-quality credits needs to grow substantially. But as recent media criticism of carbon credits has highlighted, high quality is not guaranteed. This surge in demand coupled with the need for high quality supply underscores the necessity for efficient and reliable mechanisms to secure high-quality carbon credits early in their development stages.  

To help solve this, we’ve released our early-stage investment solution, providing the tools, data and expertise to help investors navigate the end-to-end pre-issuance investment journey. 

Let's delve into the nuances of the pre-issuance market, the challenges it faces, and the solution offered by Sylvera.

Understanding the Market Dynamics

The market for pre-issuance carbon credit projects is experiencing a significant upswing due to several key factors. Major corporations are increasingly looking to invest in high-quality credits during the early stages of projects to secure future supply and mitigate the quality and transparency risks associated with the current spot market. With companies willing to allocate substantial financial resources to offset their carbon emissions, the demand for reliable pre-issuance investments is on the rise. 

In addition, the spot market is currently facing a supply crunch, with quality carbon credits rapidly depleting due to heightened demand and limited supply from new projects. This scarcity, particularly for high-quality removal credits, is driving companies to invest in projects that have not yet delivered credits, or pre-issuance projects. Investing at this stage not only allows buyers or investors to secure a stable supply of high-quality credits to meet their future net-zero goals but also offers a price advantage by engaging with projects before they enter the spot market.

But navigating the pre-issuance space is fraught with challenges. Customers moving upstream encounter a lack of readily available information for identifying projects, making investment decisions, and monitoring projects to ensure they achieve their potential. This information gap complicates the process of identifying, evaluating, and comparing quality projects, resulting in a challenging experience for market participants.

Existing Alternatives and Their Limitations

Today, market participants adopt various strategies to cover for these limitations, each fraught with its own set of challenges. Engaging directly with developers offers limited project options, while relying on matchmaking platforms often overlooks crucial project quality assessments. In-house assessments, though thorough, are time-consuming and costly, impeding the investment process.

Addressing the Gaps: A Pre-Issuance solution suite built to support Early-stage Carbon Market Investment

To provide market participants with the confidence to navigate the pre-issuance space, Sylvera now offers end-to-end support and quality assurance through our comprehensive pre-issuance offering enabling investors to find high-potential projects, make investment decisions with confidence, and ensure their investments deliver the quality outcomes the market demands. 

With one of the most extensive live catalogs of projects in the market, we ensure unparalleled access to project data for informed decision-making, with market insights that are continuously updated and backed by the largest pool of suppliers in the voluntary carbon market (VCM), for early-stage carbon credit projects that means that you can compare and benchmark against 2k+ pre-issuance on-registry projects as well as early stage projects from the market’s leading developers. 

Leveraging our continuous investment in scientific data collection, engineering, policy expertise, and data from hundreds of ratings and screenings, Sylvera provides unparalleled insights and support. Our vertical integration ensures we collect on-the-ground raw data points and transform them into actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making.

From identifying early-stage projects of interest to managing key project risks, Sylvera ensures that market participants have the insights and support they need for successful investment outcomes to be able to achieve:

  • Comprehensive assessments:  Sylvera provides comprehensive assessments backed by scientific data insights and market leading expertise addressing the gap in the market for pre-issuance ratings. 
  • Cost and time efficiency: Avoid the cost and time associated with building in-house assessment teams or outsourcing to consultancies. Sylvera's solutions offer cost-effective and timely evaluations.
  • Deep due diligence: By leveraging Sylvera's assessments, customers can significantly improve their project success rate, reducing the likelihood of investing in unsuitable projects.
  • Ongoing monitoring: Sylvera provides ongoing monitoring and insights ensuring new project quality levers are continuously identified and that customers can future-proof their project against the constantly evolving scientific, policy, and market backdrop. 
  • Reliable insights : Sylvera ensures its assessments keep pace with the rapidly changing pre-issuance space with reliable insights for customers.

Empowering Market Participants with Cutting-Edge Tools:

The backbone of our pre-issuance offering is our data visibility and tools providing a comprehensive market visibility and coverage: 


Within the Sylvera 20k project catalog, you can compare and benchmark against 2k+ pre-issuance on-registry projects as well as early stage projects from the market’s leading developers. 

"With Pre-Issuance Screening assessments, we're able to demonstrate to potential investors the key project attributes and its potential for climate impact with critical data and insights from a trusted market expert like Sylvera." - Pedro Plastino, Chief Business Officer of FutureCarbon


Quick red flag checks help you direct time & money to the highest potential projects and understand the key risks to  help you focus your due diligence. 

Detailed Assessments:

Our reports give you the most detailed and comprehensive assessments to give you confidence in project quality, actionable insights to help guide the final design and implementation to meet its quality potential, all tailored to your needs and focus. 

Ongoing Assurances: 

Allows you to ensure Sylvera’s insights are actioned and new project quality levers are continuously identified while future-proofing your project against the constantly evolving scientific, policy, and market backdrop making sure you safeguard your investment and achieve the associated price (for resale) and claims (for retirement) premium. 


As the demand for carbon credits continues to grow, our end-to-end data platform for carbon procurement and investment empowers companies to achieve their net-zero goals efficiently and confidently. 

Want to understand how you can navigate the complex pre-issuance space and mitigate risk with Sylvera’s data-driven insights and assessments? Contact us today. 
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