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Customer stories

Sylvera Customer Success Story:

June 13, 2023 helps carbon markets offset faster, coordinate easier, and operate more transparently. Their mission is to provide the tools and infrastructure to get more capital to climate change mitigation projects faster. We caught up with Mark Goldman, Head of Carbon Science, to discuss how leverages Sylvera to meet their business objectives.

1. What was the reason for looking for a carbon credit ratings solution?

" is building a portfolio of high-quality carbon credits. The market is vast and sorting through each project available is unrealistic, especially for start-ups. Carbon credit ratings are a filter for our search for a premium supply."

2. Why did you choose Sylvera?

"Sylvera has a reputation for thorough analysis of nature-based solutions, a huge sector of the voluntary carbon markets. We particularly appreciated that Sylvera does its own MRV and the level of detail it provides."

3. What benefits does Sylvera give to your business?

"Sylvera saves us time by helping us identify projects and make connections quickly."

4. If different from the above, how does Sylvera help you to do your job?

"Most of my time is spent analyzing projects and speaking with project developers. Sylvera helps identify deficiencies and identifies some important questions to ask."

5. What would you have done differently if Sylvera didn’t exist?

"If Sylvera (or other rating agencies) didn’t exist, I’d go through each methodology and validated project manually, likely from highest to lowest supply. It would require redoing a lot of work done by Sylvera with a team an order of magnitude smaller than them."

6. Who on your team relies on Sylvera the most?

"Our Head of Carbon Science, Mark Goldman, relies the most of Sylvera for identifying and sourcing high-quality carbon credits."

7. When is Sylvera most useful?

"Sylvera is most useful for companies that can afford to perform their own due diligence, but are not experts in the field the project is covering. Sylvera will provide detailed background information and insight into the field generally and a project specifically."

8. What feature of the platform is most useful/appealing to you?

"The detailed analysis of the project is the most useful. Being put in touch with suppliers is also very helpful and saves a lot of time."

9. What other tool would you compare Sylvera to?

"Sylvera is similar to a Seeking Alpha. They provide their own analysis and thought- pieces for the voluntary carbon market."

10.How would you describe Sylvera in 3 words?

"Fastidious, Advantageous, Thorough"

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