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Introducing Project Catalog & Screenings: Expanding Access to High-Quality Carbon Market Projects

May 1, 2024

The voluntary carbon market is experiencing rapid growth and increasing pressure for companies to take action on climate change. However, the market faces significant challenges, including low transparency, fragmentation, and unclear best practices.  

At Sylvera, we believe that data-driven insights and efficient execution are the key to navigate these complexities. That's why we're evolving our platform to enable market participants to reduce the time and complexity of finding and qualifying high-quality carbon projects. 

Sylvera Catalog and Screenings, mark a significant step forward in simplifying the carbon markets. These new solutions provide unparalleled access to high-quality carbon market projects while streamlining risk assessment processes. 

Unmatched project visibility

In the voluntary carbon market projects are fragmented across different registries, obfuscating what’s available for investment. Investors either have to retrieve periodic downloads of registry data and manually reconcile it on spreadsheets or switch from one registry to another – both of which are time consuming and cumbersome. 

With Sylvera Catalog, investors can now get access to one of the most comprehensive overview of projects in the market with close to 20,000 projects spanning from Biochar to Landfill Methane, all aggregated from 9 (and counting) major registries with daily updates to ensure that you are always looking at the most relevant project data set. 

At the time of launching Project Catalog, we cover the following registries: 


Gold Standard






Emission Reduction Fund of Australia

BC Carbon Registry

Project Catalog is built on a process which pulls data from the registries on a daily basis, aggregates and normalizes it to make it directly comparable. The data is made available on our platform where our users can then discover projects & receive quality assessments. 

By harmonizing project data, Sylvera eliminates the need for investors to navigate multiple registries, saving valuable time and resources. 

"A huge pain point in quality carbon credit procurement is understanding what project types even exist and their existing supply. Sylvera's Project Catalog seamlessly and directly answers these questions, allowing buyers to focus on the details of the project rather than the time-wasting aspects of aimless searching. It's now a crucial tool in our approach" said Mark Goldman, Head of Carbon Science at

Accelerated project evaluation process

In addition, Sylvera introduces a new type of assessment, Screenings, that give an overview of project quality, key characteristic, and risk factors for investors to more quickly screen out the projects that may not be a fit for their strategies. 

Screenings provide high-level assessments of key positives and risks across the quality pillars - carbon accounting, additionality, permanence and co-benefits.  Where Sylvera Ratings are assessments for due diligence, Screenings provide key signals of quality and risk earlier so you can disqualify the projects that won't advance your goals sooner, before conducting due diligence. As a result, investors can much more easily and quickly shortlist potential projects for investment before conducting further due diligence supported by Sylvera's Ratings. At time of launch, Screenings are available across eight project types:  REDD (Reduction of Deforestation), ARR (Afforestation, reforestation and revegetation), IFM (improved forestry management), ICS (Improved Cookstoves), RES (Renewable energy source), Grasslands, Croplands, and Landfill Methane. 

By providing early signals of quality, we empower clients with information to make decisions earlier in the portfolio selection process and instill confidence in the projects they choose to dedicate due diligence efforts to.

Equip you with the tools and resources to turn your carbon credit strategy into reality.

Sylvera's enhanced platform, including our Project Catalog and Screening feature, represents a significant step forward in simplifying the carbon markets and empowering companies and investors with unparalleled project visibility, market-leading coverage, and deep, definitive due diligence to ensure confidence in the setting and efficient realization of carbon credit strategies.

To learn more about Project Catalog & Screenings, talk to a member of our team now.
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