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International Women's Day Sustainablity Leaders Spotlight

March 20, 2022
Interviews and global insights from Sustainability Leaders

For International Women’s Day (IWD) and Women’s History Month, we interviewed outstanding sustainability leaders around the world.

The individuals we’ve interviewed come from a variety of backgrounds and their areas of expertise and responsibility are equally diverse. We’ve learned a lot from them in these conversations and are excited to follow their progress.

Click on the individual articles below for the full interviews and insights from these sustainability leaders, as they delve into market trends and opportunities that lie ahead for the sustainability industry.

A summary of the interviews

Tara O’Shea is the Director of Forest Programs at Planet. Planet is the largest earth observation satellite network delivering global, daily satellite imagery and insights.

Margaret Mistry is the VP of Carbon Markets at Equinor. Equinor is an international energy company. The Carbon Markets team implements Equinor’s corporate carbon offsetting strategy, coordinates carbon offsetting across Equinor, and develops our position in the voluntary carbon market.

Candace Vinke is the Senior Director of Nature-based Innovations at Verra, Verra is a leading GHG crediting program and non-profit standard setter that manages programs to certify the impacts of environmental and social actions. For example, Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program measures the impacts of activities to reduce and remove emissions.

Peju Adebajo is the Non-executive director (NED) at Ibstock PLC, a leading manufacturer of clay and concrete building products and solutions primarily in the United Kingdom. Peju also serves on the Advisory Board at the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria and Lagos Business School.

Njoud Mashouka is a Carbon and Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) Advisor at Vertis Environmental Finance. Part of the part of the Vertis Climate Action team, Strive, Njoud helps companies calculate their carbon footprint, reduce it and then offset the unavoidable emissions.

Genevieve Soh, Head of Platforms and Ecosystems at Climate Impact X, which is a global carbon exchange and marketplace that aims to scale voluntary carbon markets (VCMs).

Nadine Stueber is Global Carbon Insetting and Offsetting Manager at Nestlé. Part of the ESG team at Nestlé, Nadine works with Nestlé’s brands that have a carbon neutrality claim and she helps them identify high-quality projects that follow internal guidelines and make sense from an impact perspective.

Julia Hand is SVP of Data Products & Ratings at Sylvera. What S&P and Moody’s credit ratings are to capital markets, Sylvera’s carbon credit ratings are to carbon markets. Julia leads our Ratings team, which develops frameworks to assess various types of projects (i.e. REDD+, IFM, renewables, cookstoves, among others) and produces project-level ratings (AAA-D), which are incorporated into the in-depth assessments for every project on our platform.

Ame Igharo is the Project Manager for Resilient Food and Forests at EDF+Business. EDF+Business works to create a more sustainable world where companies, communities and the environment thrive by partnering with leading companies to accelerate progress on climate. Within this team, Ame works with leading food and agriculture companies, such as Tyson and Walmart, to raise the bar on climate leadership and to improve environmental and community health outcomes.

Salima Lamdouar is a Portfolio Manager at AllianceBernstein. AllianceBernstein is a global asset management firm and Salima manages portfolios with purpose in the fixed income space. Within the portfolios, every investment she looks after has a sustainability rationale and objective.

Adepeju Adeosun Napier, Sustainable Finance Manager at EY. Adepeju supports EY’s financial sector clients with the strategic implementation of Environmental Social and Government (ESG) and sustainability and is particularly focused on supporting private equity and venture capital clients with all things ESG and climate.

Janaina Dallan is the CEO and Founder of Carbonext. Janaina founded Carbonext in 2010 and the organization’s mission is to bring awareness to the importance of tropical forests for helping to regulate the world’s climate by removing CO2 and for preserving biodiversity. Carbonext focuses on delivering projects with impactful environmental and social outcomes.

Cindy Forde is the Founder of Planetari. Planetari is an education platform aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Its mission is to empower children with the knowledge and skills to be the innovators, entrepreneurs and global citizens who protect the planet and ensure the wellbeing of all its inhabitants.

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