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Enhanced Market Commentary: Expanded coverage and tailored insights‍

April 18, 2024

Earlier this year we launched Market Commentary to provide insights on the most critical developments in the market and translate what they mean for your carbon strategy. From initial release, it was clear Market Commentary is playing a crucial role in helping firms develop and monitor their carbon strategies. Now, we’re expanding Market Commentary’s coverage and customization to make it even easier to understand what’s happening in the market and take action.  

Comprehensive coverage with Quantum Commodity Intelligence

Sylvera has teamed up with Quantum Commodity Intelligence (QC Intel), a trusted carbon market news, price assessments and analysis provider. You can now access live coverage of market developments directly from the Sylvera platform. With QC Intel headlines updated daily, you’ll gain a quick-paced view of the market’s breadth. Simply open QC Intel stories directly from the Sylvera app for timely and convenient access to market news*.

*To access full content, users will need to be subscribers of both Sylvera and QC Intel

Enhanced customization for targeted insights

Our new "Customize your feed" feature allows you to prioritize the topics that matter most to your carbon portfolio and strategy. Tailor your Market Commentary feed to focus on specific geographies or project types, or regulatory issues impacting your industry. This customization saves you valuable time, ensuring you can quickly grasp the implications of market movements with the help of insights from our team of carbon experts.

Maximizing Market Commentary’s benefits for your team

Enhanced Market Commentary offers valuable insights for:

  • Corporate sustainability: Access enhanced market knowledge to make informed procurement decisions and align your sustainability efforts with market trends.
  • Finance: Understand market direction and sentiment to refine your sales strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the carbon market. Gain visibility on potential regulations that may impact investments and optimize investment strategies.
  • Consultancies: Stay updated on key policy and regulatory changes, as well as gaining an awareness of broader market news, to advise clients effectively.
If you want to stay ahead in the carbon market, streamline decision-making with key insights, and navigate the journey to net zero with confidence, contact us now.
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About the author
Associate Product Manager

Ashleigh Parsons is an Associate Product Manager for Sylvera. In their role, Ashleigh helps ensure customers leverage Sylvera's data and insights for their end-to-end carbon journey.