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Introducing Market Commentary: Empowering confident decisions in a dynamic market

January 17, 2024

Navigate carbon markets with speed and confidence. With our Market Commentary, Sylvera delivers the most critical insights on developments in the market and what they mean for you. 

  • Gain deep understanding of topics across the VCM, regulation, progress on Article 6, or updates to CORSIA. 
  • Rely on Sylvera to translate the implications for the market and your carbon strategy. 

Record-breaking retirements in December, in addition to thousands more companies entering the VCM across 2023, mean carbon market participants need to stay ahead to understand the future market trajectory. 2024 is set to be a key year for the carbon market, from CORSIA moving out of its pilot phase to new disclosure requirements coming into play, it’s never been more critical to understand how regulatory changes and market evolution will impact your carbon portfolio and strategy.

What is Market Commentary?

Sylvera's Market Commentary helps you understand the most significant market movements, from buyer trends in the VCM to key regulation changes. Leveraging the expertise of our dedicated Policy team, we take these complex changes happening across the VCM, distill them and inject our insights based on our wealth of market knowledge, and surface them directly into our platform.

The carbon market is a dynamic and complex ecosystem saturated with industry-specific terms and intricate regulatory implications. Market participants often find it challenging to keep up with changes due to the sheer amount of time required to interpret how these changes affect them. With Market Commentary, you can save valuable hours deciphering changes in the market, like policy and regulatory frameworks, and their implications for your strategy. 

We consult with experts across Sylvera to provide comprehensive insights on the most crucial topics, ensuring you have the full picture. With our history of deep expertise and market insight, we give you the information you need to navigate this complex landscape.

Who benefits from Market Commentary?

Market Commentary offers valuable insights for:

  • Corporate sustainability teams: Equip yourself with enhanced market knowledge to make informed procurement decisions.
  • Brokers, traders, and intermediaries: Understand market direction and sentiment to refine your sales strategies.
  • Financial services firms: Gain complete visibility on potential regulations that may impact investments and clients' carbon credit portfolios.
  • Fund managers: Understand the biggest market changes to shape your strategy.
  • Consultancies: Stay updated on key policy and regulatory changes to advise clients effectively.
If you want to stay ahead in the carbon market, leverage key insights to streamline decision-making, and navigate the journey to net zero with confidence, contact us now.
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About the author
Associate Product Manager

Ashleigh Parsons is an Associate Product Manager for Sylvera. In their role, Ashleigh helps ensure customers leverage Sylvera's data and insights for their end-to-end carbon journey.