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Why Sylvera?

Sylvera is the only end-to-end carbon data provider

Unparalleled expertise

Sylvera has a global team of the experts and academics across ratings, machine learning, earth observation, engineering, and carbon policy.
We develop best-in-class technology and software to measure carbon and produce ratings and insights.
We produce and own all of our geospatial data. Uniquely, we calibrate our proprietary geospatial data with state-of-the-art field sampling.

Rigor & reliability

Proprietary ratings frameworks are built in-house and peer-reviewed, leveraging the latest climate science, technology, and AI.
Project-type-specific approach identifies foundational elements of project risk from the outset, giving you confidence that our ratings reflect the best available information.
Ratings are balanced, repeatable, and unbiased. Based on set calculations, our scores reflect the true magnitude of risk signals, rather than averages.


We abstain from transaction benefits to maintain integrity and independence.
With proper guardrails, we ensure our ratings, data and insights are always independent and free from external influence, no matter who we are helping and how.