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Customer stories

Sylvera Customer Success Story: Carbon Growth Partners

October 17, 2022
How Carbon Growth Partners benefits from Sylvera's ratings

Carbon Growth Partners is a leading investment manager in the global carbon markets. They deliver ethical, profitable & impactful climate finance to the people and places that need it the most.

Charles Bedford is Chief Impact Officer at Carbon Growth Partners and a Professor of Science and Technology at the Hong Kong University with 28 years of experience in delivering conservation results in the United States and across Asia and the Pacific.

Carbon Growth Partners started using Sylvera in March 2021. Charles told us how Sylvera has become a vital tool for their team ever since.

Q: Why did you seek out a carbon credit ratings platform?

“We sought out a carbon credit ratings solution to provide us with good, independent data on projects in which to invest. Sylvera helps de-risk purchases and guide portfolio decisions.”

Sylvera's platform provides in-depth carbon project analysis on carbon score, additionality, permanance and co-benefits

Q: Why did you choose Sylvera?

“We chose Sylvera because we were impressed by the background of the team and liked the analytical framework. Compared to competitors, we find Sylvera’s ratings and assessments more helpful when deciding what carbon credits to buy and sell."

We use satellite data and machine learning to evaluate forest loss

Q: What would you do without Sylvera?

“If we didn’t have Sylvera, we would have hired a forestry engineer and analyzed geographic information system (GIS) data in house.”

Our Multi-Scale LiDAR (MSL) team collects on-ground and drone data on carbon stored in trees; they have currently scanned over 3 million trees worldwide

Q: Who relies on Sylvera the most at Carbon Growth Partners?

“Our CEO, CIO, Chief Impact Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and Due Diligence team rely on Sylvera.”

Q: What three words best describe Sylvera?

“Thorough, useful, understandable.”

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