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Calculating carbon

September 2, 2021
How Sylvera calculates carbon in forests

Assessing carbon stored in forests

We’ve partnered with UCLA, NASA-JPL and UCL on a Sylvera-led research mission designed to dramatically improve the assessment of carbon stored in forests in different biomes around the world. Our field research team explains why...

Right now, I’m sitting in the middle of the Ipassa-Makokou Biosphere Reserve in Gabon, one of the most pristine forests on Earth.

I’m here with the Sylvera field team to kick off the first leg of a ground-breaking global research mission in partnership with UCLA, NASA-JPL, University College London, and local researchers too.

This research will take us to multiple different biomes across East and West Africa, South East Asia, and the Amazon.

We’re doing this to transform the data that underpins the global understanding of how much carbon is stored in rainforests by using some of the most cutting-edge tech out there and supplementing it with good old graft too.

The world's biggest carbon sinks

But why are we doing this?

When you boil it down, it’s pretty simple. 

Tropical forest ecosystems are the world’s biggest means of storing carbon, so protecting and renewing these habitats is critical in combating global climate change.

And if we can use better data to show just how valuable they are for us all, the chances of them being protected dramatically improve. 

Why? Because this data gives big corporates and nation states confidence to commit billions of dollars to protecting these beautiful, incredibly important places.

Over the coming weeks and months, our research team will be updating you all on our activity - showing you how technology and data can help battle climate change.

We hope you enjoy learning with us!

Thanks go to the UK Government, UKRI and InnovateUK for financial support of this vital work.

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About the author
Field Researcher

I'm a PhD scientist, with a passion for ecological research and travel. As Field Researcher at Sylvera I'm doing the things I love every day.