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Assess, compare, and monitor nature-based offset projects with our powerful APIs and software solutions designed to help you drive impact and manage risk.

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Real-time carbon performance

Understand the real-time carbon performance of offset projects through our platform. Explore satellite imagery to see the real story on the ground. Compare projects to ensure you make the right decisions, now and over time.

Data-driven project ratings

Quickly comprehend and compare project quality using our tools - from baseline to additionality, from leakage to permanence, from risk to co-benefits, we supercharge your ability to assess projects consistently, make decisions confidently, and act quickly.


Get clarity on the performance and quality of carbon offset projects all around the world using our machine learning technology and comprehensive project ratings methodology.

Institutional rigour

Leverage the expertise of the world’s most established institutions who continually test, validate, and refine our models.


Take confidence from our independence. Our data is free from the conflicts that have characterised the market.

The carbon offset markets need robust, independent data to scale


Protect your organisation’s reputation by making better decisions rooted in the insight our platform provides. Define your portfolio’s parameters. Discover & compare projects through our ratings. Execute your strategy with confidence.


Support your clients’ goals with data and clarity. Build the portfolio that matches their needs. Surface the data they need. Monitor performance to protect their interests.

The carbon offset markets need robust, independent data to scale
The carbon offset markets need robust, independent data to scale

Project developers

Accelerate your path to market by developing the projects the market needs. Analyse project viability with scale and efficiency. Design projects with performance & quality at the core.

Clarity. Confidence. Certainty.

Contact us now to get the clarity you need to make offset decisions with confidence.