Streamline your carbon offset due diligence
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Investing in low quality offsets undermines your climate goals and reputation.

Leverage Sylvera’s data infrastructure to get clarity on carbon credit quality and value.
global enterprises
For Corporate Sustainability Teams
Ensure your credibility
Make confident carbon offset decisions validated by Sylvera’s rigorous project analysis and trusted ratings. Protect your organization’s reputation, and avoid public criticism or negative press resulting from a bad investment.
Operate efficiently
Save time and money on due diligence. Complex and inconsistent standards and documentation make it difficult to assess the design and performance of carbon projects. Sylvera does the work for you so you can move quickly with a lean team.
Optimize for quality and price
Avoid bad investments and missed opportunities by getting a view of the whole market and comparing quality and price side-by-side. Discover the highest rated projects for the best value.
Financial intermediaries
For Traders & Brokers
Get transparency and visibility into the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Climate Marketplaces
For Environmental Services Platforms
Demonstrate quality assurance to your customers with the most trustworthy carbon credit ratings.

Building confidence in carbon markets
With Sylvera’s carbon intelligence, your Net Zero transition, carbon neutrality and offsetting claims won’t be at risk. Contact us to learn more about our platform.
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