Independent, comprehensive and accessible carbon intelligence

Compare and invest in the best carbon credits with confidence. Save time and money. Protect your reputation.

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Reducing complexity through transparency

Carbon markets lack transparency around project quality, performance and price. Sylvera provides independent and up-to-date carbon intelligence. Explore satellite imagery to see the real story on the ground. Identify the best projects for you business and purchase credits on your preferred platform.

Streamline your decision making

Quickly evaluate and compare project quality from baseline to additionality, from leakage to permanence, from risk to co-benefits. We accelerate your ability to assess projects and make carbon investment decisions.


We help you pick the best carbon credits, which means you don’t waste money on bad investments or put your reputation at risk.


We save you time and money spent on due diligence, enabling you to move quickly with a lean team.


We give you a view of the whole market, but we don’t sell credits. You choose how to buy - whether it’s direct to project developer or via broker or exchange.

The carbon offset markets need robust, independent data to scale

Corporate Sustainability Teams

Protect your organization’s reputation by investing in high quality projects. Make better decisions rooted in the insight our platform provides. Save time and money on due diligence. With a lean team you can act quickly and with confidence.


Leverage independent and timely project data and insights to achieve your goals. Monitor performance to maximize value.

The carbon offset markets need robust, independent data to scale
The carbon offset markets need robust, independent data to scale

Project Developers

Build projects that meet market demand with greater confidence and speed. Analyze project viability with scale and efficiency. Design projects with performance and quality at the core.

Building confidence in carbon markets.

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