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Verification. Reinvented 

Say goodbye to outdated manual sampling. We use machine learning applied to satellite data to regularly and accurately report on projects, at scale.

Carbon performance. Then and now.

Track carbon stocks over a project’s lifetime, allowing purchasers to see the real world carbon performance and impact of a project.

Project design, co-benefits and risk (DCR).

Score your projects design with an academically accredited framework, including metrics on project design (basis for issuance including additionality), permanence risk and contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals including community benefit and biodiversity. 


An independent data verifier, free from potential conflicts of interest.

Powered by leading academics 

Collaborating with the Earth Observation Centre at the University of Leicester to advance the frontiers of carbon stock analysis.

Fusing proprietary data with AI 

We leverage our own data with the very latest in machine learning applied to provide unparalleled insights.

Streamline your project prospecting

Analyse viability, effectively. Locate sites, create baselines and check carbon stocks at speed and low cost.

Search and select projects

Understand the market. Discover and compare projects using trusted, data-based ratings and key project metrics.

Get the full picture

Boost project sales with Carbon Performance, DCR ratings and visualisations of project performance across its lifetime.

Clarity. Confidence. Certainty.

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